Whose Eyes? (T​.​J​.​T. Remix)

by Daneka Gold

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Over again
I see that you are going to leave me again my baby
Tell me tonight
I wanna hear every word from you this time

Don't fade away (fade away)
Don't take your heart and run away from me now forever
I still believe (still believe)
There's something left in the two of us, just give it one more try


Hold my heart,
Can you feel all the love deep inside?
Close your eyes,
For a moment
Oh I hope that the feeling's alive


'Cause now I know I can't say goodbye
I believe my heart will try my baby
If now and then I'll remember you
Nothing I can do to change all the things that we are

I can't go on without knowing why
As the days go by for you to tell me
And now I wonder whose eyes I'll see
Every day, every night,
Oh whose eyes do I see with me now?


Never again
I wish that I could change the way that I've been, my baby
Say it's all right
Tell me that you will be here throughout my life

I'll take it back
Whatever I had said that may have hurt you so badly
Give it a chance
'Cause I believe that the two of us can work it out all right


released March 2, 2017
Written by Milo & Mansfield
Recorded at Axis Mundi Studio
Vocals by Hana Leakey
Background vocals by Ella, T.J. and Carlos



all rights reserved