Spotlight (T​.​J​.​T. Edit)

by Francisco

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I fell in love with this song, but felt the radio edit was a tad too short. I decided to make a more album-length version.


Verse 1:

(I) see you spinning 'round tonight
You can move, you can dance all you like
(Oh baby) Step out into my world
You're the one, your the favourite girl

Bridge 1:

Give it all you've got just to stay alive
Before it fades into black and white
'Cause you move so fine, you can take my time
I leave it up to you baby
To give me the answer


I'll find you in the spotlight
So you can be the one to set me free
We'll stay under the moonlight
Spinning round, till the world disappears

I'll take you to the spotlight
And we can stay together all the night
We'll stay until the sunlight
Spinning round, till the morning is near


Verse 2:

I see the way that you've got my heart
(the) way you turn, I don't know
Where to start

What have you got to hide?
Wild emotions you bottled inside

Bridge 2:

Deep within your heart
You will always find
A little piece of the fantasy

When the lights have gone,
When the world moves on
I'll still believe in you baby,
To show me the feeling


released May 14, 2017
Written & Arranged by Francisco
at Axis Mundi Studio

Re-edited by T.J. Thornberry



all rights reserved