by T.J. Thornberry

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released August 22, 2015



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Track Name: Every Single Way
Verse 1:
I know that I've been elsewhere for too long
But I need you to hold on
For dear life, I just need a little more time
I just can't wait to see you again my friend

I need you, I need you so bad
I can't let go, I just don't really know how to go
I need your lovin', I need your holdin' me
I need your touchin' me, I need your everything

I need your love, I need ya badly
I need your soul, I need ya honey
I want you in every single way

Verse 2:
There once was a time I looked in your eyes
But now my pain is my life
Can you feel desperation becoming real
I was convinced that you'd be mine for all time
Track Name: Hidden Robots - End Draws Near
Verse 1:
Nowhere is it more apparent
That I have nothing to lose
All this has gone down too quickly
More shit will happen if I don't move

I don't think I can get much worse
Not even if I really tried
My life has gone down a bad road
And yet, I feel fine

(The end draws near)
It's the middle of the night
And it's the end of the fight
But I'm turning out alright

(The end draws near)
Yes, you've already won
No, I'm not having fun
And I'm not gonna run

(The end draws near)
We're at the end of the road
We have nowhere to go
It's the end of the show
And it's all going down

Verse 2:
I cannot believe that this would happen
Especially to somebody like me
I'm no longer linked to my origins
Now I have to find my peace

You can't understand the pain inside me
You don't understand the loss of light
If I don't learn to let her go
Nothing will become right
Track Name: Lead Me There
Oh, then I'm amazed.
My girl, I know when to be true.
Oh, my girl.
You know, it's amazing the way the world can be sometimes.
So cruel, yet so nieve
about the way everything could be if everyone was nicer, baby.
Won't you lead me there, into the light?
I see nothing wrong with your life.
You are the one.
You are my sight, tonight.
The shame is now gone!
You are the one. You are the one!
Lead me there, lead me there.
Lead me into your fire! Lead me into your fire!
Track Name: Climax
Verse 1:
I need you honey
I need you baby
This is driving me crazy

I wanna love you
I wanna rub you
What do you think we should do?

You're looking at me like you want something
We have such strong desires
Do you want some loving?
Sexy, I am coming at you like a hot fire

I really want to get you inside my bedroom
To get to know you
Let's get physical
I wanna touch you some more
Until my body's sore

Let's keep on at it
I'm always into this kind of hotness
I wanna do you until you climax
Screaming "it's the best"

Verse 2:
Love, affection, that's all I need
Time, your voice, and your body's key
Sex and romance go hand in hand
Come on, baby
I'll be your man

Yes, of course you have a choice
Can you tell I want it from my voice?
Say it aloud, how you feel
But my passion cannot be concealed
Track Name: Keeps Falling
Verse 1:
After so long, I just can't take it all
Gotta get away, don't want all this pain
Inside and out, my head heavy with doubt
I thought we were cool, but I guess I'm the fool

Day by day, it was slippin' away
I thought I was strong, but turns out I'm wrong
I wanna try, but you'd always ask "Why?"
Now it is time to move on

How could I know where this was to go?
I wouldn't have left if it wasn't for the best
Went by fast, couldn't get a second glance
I don't think I should look back

I can't believe what all I used to see
In this woman, but there was somethin'
That I will never forget
And I will never regret

Verse 2:
I can't believe it's happening
It's all going down
I am burning, the wheel keeps turning
What will become of us now?

I just wanted to make it our way
Not you on your own
But if that's all, I will not stay long
Since you want me gone

I am afraid of what it is to be alone again
The isolation, my devastation
Back in my mind to infect
Like maggots eating dead flesh
I'm rotting away, with no stopping yet
I've got to open my eyes
And life a new life

Falling from great heights can make you lose your mind
But you must go back and climb
Up to where you need to be to
In order to survive

You cannot stay down onto the ground
You must get on your feet
You may feel you're dying
But you must keep trying
life can taste so sweet

I know it doesn't feel like it's possible or real
Don't give in to the ideal
That you no longer want to feel
I know where you're coming from
Problems are never solved with a gun
You can't say your life is done when the best is yet to come
Track Name: Stone Cold Eyes
With these stone cold eyes
I look to the stars
Is it my demise
Or a brand new start

How could I go on
If I cannot breathe
All feelings gone
Now I can't see anything

Verse 1:
Where have I gone
Everything feels wrong
I'm in my own hell
No longer a man, but the shell
Who knows where I am to go
Do I have meaning or should I not know

So alone in this isolating zone
I'm tired of fear forcing me to be alone
Help me please
Pull me up from my knees
Numbing the pain means to be slain

Verse 2:
Trying to relax
I start thinking of my past
Here comes the anxiety
Sadness in it's entirety
Is it a sin to never want back in
I wanna feel the rain
To clean my soul's stain

Across everything that I've lost
The only thing left is the beauty of dawn
For so long I wanted a brand new start
But the power's always been in my heart
Track Name: Trapped Inside
Oh yeah
Inside of there is another way to get in here
It feels right
And then you get it
And then you really want it
And then it feels so right

But then you really cut me
But then you really struck me, yeah
Up inside of me, now

But then again, you really show it
But then again, you really blow it
But then again, yeah

Trapped Inside of the mind
Don't give it up this time
Track Name: Stargaze
Verse 1:
This fantasy has become agony
I'm all alone, but nothing's written in stone
This shall come to pass, becoming free at last
I needed out; I can finally shout

I just need a while to finally be free and in style
This is exactly what needed to be happening all the while

Fly away from the pain with your triumphs
Just keep looking up
Staring up into the sky, glowing is your life

Verse 2:
For far too long, my mental state was wrong
I couldn't live while feeling I was exiled
Never felt secure with an opened door
But now I can live like never before