Lost in a Dream (T​.​J​.​T. Remix)

by David Mansfield

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Special thanks to Axis Mundi Studio for letting me make this version!

Download the original: axismundistudio.bandcamp.com/album/lost-in-a-dream-single



You know you're makin' me crazy
You know I'm giving you everything that I can
But you could give me a chance,
Just say the word and I'm yours

I never wanted to change you
For everything that you give to me, baby
You do it all in your way
And I can make you feel right


All my life
I've been waiting
For a dream
Like you, baby

Now that I've
Got it all with me
For a day, for a night
Just for you


Give me your passion
Don't be wasting your time
Making me crazy tonight
And I don't know what I can do!

Give me your passion
Don't be wasting my time
Making me crazy tonight
I'm lost inside a dream with you!


As far as I can remember,
The thought of you and I separated makes me sweat
You're all that I really know
This feeling is just so strong

Please tell me all of your feelings
Just tell me now how you'd want my loving
The thoughts inside of my head
Are telling me this is right


released September 7, 2016
Written by Milo & Mansfield

Vocals processed by T.J. Thornberry

Original arrangement by Carlos A.

Remixed with permission by T.J.T.



all rights reserved